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Ayesha Harris received her Bachelor of Nursing Degree and became a Registered Nurse from Lipscomb University in 2018. She is currently working as a Registered Nurse in a Critical Care Unit and has been, for about 2 years. Working in critical care, she has developed time management, multitasking, and quick decision-making skills. Ayesha takes her job seriously and strives to give her patients the best care. She goes to work with a positive spirit and is always excited to learn something new. Ayesha chose to become a nurse because she was looking for a career that can make a difference. Ayesha was never a sick child and only went to the doctor for yearly physicals. However, her family members have been hospitalized and were taken care of by some thoughtful nurses. The nurses she saw advocated for her family, always had a smile on their face and catered to her family member’s needs. Ayesha strives to be the best nurse she can be and takes advantage of every opportunity to make her patient smile, listen attentively to her patient’s concerns, and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. 


In the past couple of years, Ayesha worked not just as a critical care nurse but also went on medical mission trips. Her first medical mission trip was to Haiti. Her role in Haiti was to assess patients and prescribe medications. Although those aren’t typical roles of registered nurses in the United States, those skills became the foundation to help Ayesha rise from being just an ordinary nurse to an extraordinary nurse. The most valuable experience Ayesha learned from that mission trip is how to communicate with people of different cultures and she was able to use that skill to help her patients in the hospital. This past mission trip Ayesha had the opportunity to attend was Malawi, Africa as a registered nurse for Blessings hospital. This experience was unique because she didn’t know but only one person on the trip. There were surgeons, CRNAs, Registered Nurses, and other healthcare personnel.  Ayesha was placed out of her comfort zone and had to practice communication, teamwork, and decision-making skills in an unfamiliar environment. She learned to adapt to conditions and remain calm. The global experience made Ayesha realize we are all the same, and we all need to care for each other the best we know how. 


Being a Nashville native, she likes to be involved with her community. Ayesha is a member of the Black Nurses Rock Nashville Chapter where the purpose is to empower and educate minorities and reduce health disparities amongst this patient population. Some of the recent events include the “Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby” event where they educated young mothers on how to relieve stress and educate on how to prevent preterm labor and premature death. Just recently, a local doctor and Ayesha did the first in a video series called “Save our Kings” to educate our African American and Latino population on preventative healthcare. In addition to her community involvement, Ayesha is a part of the COVID committee at her church where she developed the procedures the church needs to follow to return to the church building safely. She cares deeply about her community and is always looking for ways to stay involved.”

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