Dear Daughters, Sons, Nieces, Nephews, Spouses and Friends,

It was only days after Mom's surgery when she had the massive stroke.   The three of us immediately rejected the prognosis, relied on our faith and understood neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to reconnect and rebuild).  


We left the light on for 18 months as Mom regained some use of her left side, started breathing on her own with only the help of oxygen and started reading her newspaper again!   Most importantly, she become "Mom" again by whispering "eat", "go to bed" and "I love you."  


We were especially excited when the physical therapist gave Mom an evaluation and determined she was ready for the gym.   She actually instructed us to make sure Mom had enough sweat pants.   Two months later, however, we were planning her funeral.   While we could not understand it then, we completely understand the reason for it all now.  It was Mom's last lesson for us - Always keep the light of hope on because, in the end, you will remember the journey...not the outcome.

We founded Leave the Light On Foundation so we could help you and your family as you care for your mom, dad, child or spouse.  We provide caregiver support groups, workshops, special events and caregiver peer coaching to support you as you"Leave the Light On" for your journey with your sick or disabled relative...regardless of the outcome.


Leave The Light On Foundation Inc. is a gift from our family to yours.


 Always Acknowledging God's Grace,

Carol L. Campbell, Ingrid A. Campbell and Karl P. Campbell